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5-0 Prolene Suture 8618G
SKU: 8618G
6-0 Prolene Suture M8206 12/Box
SKU: M8206
9-0 Nylon Suture 2890G
SKU: 2890G
Ethicon 5-0 Prolene Suture 8698G 12/Box
SKU: 8698G
Ethicon 5-0 Suture 1775G 12/Box
SKU: 1775G
Ethicon 5-0 Vicryl Suture J503G 12/Box
SKU: J503G
Ethicon 6-0 Plain Gut Suture 770G 12/Box
SKU: 770G
Ethicon 6-0 Prolene Suture 8680G 12/Box
SKU: 8680G
Ethicon 6-0 Prolene Suture 8695G 12/Box
SKU: 8695G
Ethicon 6-0 Prolene Suture 8697G 12/Box
SKU: 8697G
Ethicon 6-0 Silk Suture 1732G 12/Box
SKU: 1732G
Ethicon 6-0 Silk Suture 639G 12/Box
SKU: 639G
Ethicon 6-0 Silk Suture 765G 12/Box
SKU: 765G
Ethicon 6-0 Silk Suture 7729G
SKU: 7729G
Ethicon 6-0 Silk Suture 780G 12/Box
SKU: 780G
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Select up to 4 items to compare.